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Thank you for your insight. As a student I am still learning how to navigate my future role. I am in a DNP-FNP program and as an APRN I will be guided by the DNP essential to provide care for my community. Wylie (2016) explains, “Two of the eight essentials that are most pertinent to enhancing an integrative approach as a DNP practitioner are: Essential I scientific underpinnings for practice and Essential VII clinical prevention and population health for improving the nation’s health”. As APRNs we learn why the DNP essential are essential. The DNP essentials are an answer to the IOM and the recommendation they had for APRNs. Even though we will not be practicing medicine NPs are an answer to the huge gaps and complexities in healthcare. In speaking to fellow NPs they have nursing fundamentals and are able to connect with patients in way that other healthcare providers are not. I believe our nursing background is our advantage to our community because as a current practicing nurse, I spend the most time with my patient and I am able to connect with them outside of their disease. This is something that I will carry throughout my career.

Wylie, N. (2016). Implementing Integrative Care as a DNP to Increase Patient Health Outcomes. Beginnings, 36(3), 14–15.