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I appreciate the thoughtful insights both of you have shared. As DNPs, our role is indeed complex and multifaceted. While it’s crucial to recognize that a DNP degree equips us with advanced clinical skills and the ability to practice at a high standard, it’s equally important to acknowledge that our scope is distinct from that of physicians (something I am currently learning in school). Our practice is rooted in the nursing philosophy, which emphasizes holistic care, patient education, and preventive measures. Integrating our nursing background into advanced practice allows us to approach patient care with a unique perspective that complements the work of our physician colleagues and overall patient care. It’s also true that obtaining a DNP does not mean we will be practicing medicine but I didn’t think of it this way until reading this post. However, the expertise we gain through a DNP program enhances our ability to contribute significantly to patient outcomes, whether we’re directly providing care or working within a collaborative healthcare team. The goal should always be to leverage our education, skills, and certification to improve health care outcomes, respecting the boundaries and strengths of our respective roles.
I will add that, I worry about navigating the scope of practice as a DNP-FNP. On one hand, I am apprehensive about overstepping my professional boundaries. On the other, I fear that my role may not be fully respected by physicians, something I’ve already observed in the bedside settings. The goal should be collaborative practice, where the unique strengths of both DNPs and MDs are recognized and utilized to improve patient outcomes. Where MD’s and NP’s have mutual respect and strive for collaboration, recognizing that our different training and perspectives are what make our healthcare teams stronger and more capable of providing excellent patient care.