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When I thought of my career in the long-term, I always thought I would go into academia later in my career. I am in a DNP Family Nurse Practitioner program, which would put me more involved in the clinical setting. However, I am learning quickly about the leadership that entails as a Doctorate prepared nurse. I wanted to pursue my doctorate because I wanted the possibility to become an educator at the university level. It is refreshing to learn about all the doctorate roles that nurses play and be a part of, especially that of an expert clinician. I am reflecting on what I am currently learning in my doctorate course, and I find it interesting how interconnected a doctorate and a PhD degree are, and the usefulness of both degrees. I considered pursuing a master degree for FNP and then getting my PhD later, in hopes of being more involved in education. After starting my DNP course and learning the role of the doctorate advanced nurse practitioners, I am really glad to have chosen to pursue my doctorate along with my FNP.