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    What strategies can DNP students employ to manage the financial and emotional stress associated with their studies, and how can they find a supportive community to help them through these challenges?


    You ask a great question, Gabriela. Several social media sites offer support to DNP students – some even support those that are struggling academically.
    I’ll share a thought from having seen many years of DNP students’ efforts: Start your chosen DNP program when all elements for success are in place. Jumping in when family, home, financial, or career dynamics are up in the air will not place the nursing colleague in a place to be successful.
    What do you think of this thought about preparing before signing up?


    Hi Gabriela,

    This is a topic not discussed enough, during seminar week I spoke to a few of our classmates to address how they are managing their time with us working stull full-time yet doing schooling full-time. I know some of us are doing the part-time route but reality is that the program turns into full-time after core classes are completed. This can be stressful because if we do not have a strong support system then we might be discourage to continue or may affect our grading. It is important to seek outside resources and take time for self-care even if it is for a few hours. It is crucial to fulfill our own cup before we can fill someone else’s.


    Good morning Gabriela,
    I find this question intriguing and quite pertinent. It hadn’t occurred to me to consider this thought regarding your question until the previous speaker brought up their idea. The thought of having “all our ducks in a row” before proceeding is undoubtedly appealing, yet pragmatically, it may not always align with reality. As a current DNP student myself, I’m confronted with the challenge of reconciling this aspiration with the ongoing demands of the program. Perhaps instead of focusing solely on what could have been done beforehand, we should explore actionable steps within our current context. Engaging with our professors, who often exude a genuine desire for our success, seems like a promising starting point. Additionally, tapping into the wealth of insights from fellow classmates or alumni who have travelled this path could offer invaluable guidance. Reflecting on my recent seminar week, I was provided with some very valuable knowledge shared with my fellow classmates and myself from my professor, much of which hadn’t crossed my mind previously. The idea of integrating sessions with recent graduates during orientation holds immense merit, providing a platform for firsthand insights and practical advice. Such initiatives could profoundly enhance the support structure for DNP students navigating their academic journey moving forward.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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