Interhospital Transfer Timeliness (0.17h)

Posted on: December 10th, 2021 by Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc.
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This educational offering provides 0.17 CEU and was presented in the Clinical track. The course includes a static poster and an MP3 audio file from the presentation originally shared at the 14th National Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference at the Swissotel in Chicago, August 2021.

Renee Maeweather-Reed, DNP, RN
Renee has over 40 years of nursing combined in the areas of emergency nursing & management, director of critical care, staff development coordinator, chairperson of the recruitment retention committee, member of the CPR committee, associate administrator of nursing, house administrator and nurse manager of patient logistics. She obtained her BSN from DePaul University, and her MSN & DNP from Resurrection University. She is passionate about ensuring that vulnerable populations have access to care that is both equitable and equal.

To standardize the interhospital transfer process utilizing a transfer prioritization process. The transfer of patients between organizations is risky and without delays. A standardized process bases on the emergency medical condition prioritization of emergent, urgent, of non-urgent should guide the timeliness of the transfer process.

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