Have Apologies Made a Difference?

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After this year’s DNP national conference – virtual – we had the privilege of many presentations addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in nursing practice. Looking back at these presentations, and hearing the news that politicians are disregarding DEI – in fact they are working to disregard and ignore the value of embracing diversity. What is this about? It looks to be systemic and organized bigotry instilled into policy and actions to potentiate racism. Consider the attached article for review. It’s not specific to health care, but points to how others have approach an apology and what to consider when striving to rectify past errors and ignorance.

Maligned in black and white

Southern newspapers played a major role in racial violence. Do they owe their communities an apology? By Mark I. Pinsky

Lake County Sheriff Willis McCall and an unidentified man stand next to Walter Irvin, Samuel Shepherd and Charles Greenlee, from left, in Florida. The three men, along with a fourth, were charged with rape in 1949. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and a cabinet granted posthumous pardons Jan. 11, 2019, to Shepherd, Irvin, Charles Greenlee and Ernest Thomas, the four African American men accused of raping a white woman in 1949 in a case now seen as a racial injustice. (State Library and Archives of Florida via AP)

Apology for Role in Perpetuating Slavery, Systemic Racism by Davidson College

White Americans in Support of the National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC): Statement of Apology – It’s Time We Told the Truth

Summer 2001
The Power of Apology and the Process of Historical

Robert R. Weyeneth

Apology to People of Color for APA’s Role in Promoting, Perpetuating, and Failing to Challenge Racism, Racial Discrimination, and Human Hierarchy in U.S.

The Violence of white Apologies



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