Increasing Physical Activity in the 65 and Older Population (0.17h)

Posted on: October 20th, 2023 by Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc.
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This educational offering provides 0.17 CEU and was presented in the Clinical track. The course includes a static poster from the presentation originally shared at the 16th National Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference (Virtual), August 2023.

Misty Michelle Hollingsworth, DNP, RN
Misti was born and raised in rural Ohio and has always held a passion for health, fitness and love for her community. She has received several awards for bedside care, founded a free fitness program for the elderly in her community and created certified dialysis technician training programs in Ohio. She is currently a nursing instructor. Overall, Misti is a highly recommended professional and a dedicated community member, driven by a passion for health and leadership and a commitment to making a positive impact. fitness. Misti is highly recommended professional and dedicated community memter, dr


  1. To increase the physical activity, flexibility, and pain levels of the 65 and over population to comply with the CDC’s recommendation of 150 minutes per week through a practice quality improvement project.
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