Breakout Sessions 2019

2019 Breakout Presentations in Alphabetical Order by Primary Author

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You Can Do This! Challenges in Teaching Policy Analysis to DNP Students

CE Value 1.0

Victoria L. Baker, PhD, CNM

Nursing Partnership with Patients Parents and Families for Safety Through Simulation

CE Value 1.0

Courtnay Caufield, DNP, RN

Leading From Within: DNP Use of Strategic Planning Can Create Policy Influencing Outcomes - A Case Analysis

CE Value 1.0

Barbara J. Dupont, JD, DNP, RN

DNP Programs National Survey: Current Practices Regarding Faculty Project Team Structure, Group Projects and DNP Scholarly Project Final Products

CE Value 1.0

Jeannie Garber, DNP, RN
Cindy Zellefrow DNP, RN
Sharon Guthrie, PhD, RN
Linda Rousell, PhD, RN

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Strong Start for Mothers and Babies: The Call To Action, Policy, Power and Politics

CE Value 1.0

Diana R. Jolles, PhD, CNM

Current Best Evidence about Nurse Practitioner Residency/Fellowship Programs

CE Value 1.0

Karen Kesten, DNP, APRN
Majeda El-Banna, PhD, RN

Innovative Global Initiatives in DNP Education: Implications for Practice and Policy

CE Value 1.0

Rhonda Oldham, DNP, RN
Martha Hawkins, DNP, APRN
Rebecca Hoffpauir, Ph.D, RN

A Case Study of a System and Policy Change at the Intersection of Health and Housing

CE Value 1.0

Courtney Pladsen, DNP, FNP

The Call to Action: Why Policy, Regulations, and DNP Leaders are Requisites to Influencing the E-cigarette Epidemic

CE Value 1.0

Susan Solecki, DrPH, FNP, PPCNP
Brenda L. Douglass, DNP, APRN, FNP

Techniques to Reduce Violence Against Registered Nurses in the Emergency Department

CE Value 1.0

Michael A. Zielinski II, DNP, APN